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Election Readiness Toolkit

Creating Sustainable Dialogue Around Elections

We’ve been working with Apathy is Boring, to create a youth-friendly Election Readiness Toolkit, comprising of three tools: a manual, a game, and a video.

STEP 1: The Creating Sustainable Dialogue Around Elections manual has been developed to help community organizations support youth engagement and involvement when an election is called. In it, you’ll find community engagement tips, case studies, and other great information as it pertains to connecting youth with civics. It’s a great way to start the conversation! Download the manual here.

STEP 2: The Day in the Life Quiz draws a direct link between the everyday lives of young Albertans and the levels of government they engage with throughout their day. It helps youth to understand what policy can apply to their everyday lives and the basis for what might matter to them! Click on the image directly or download the powerpoint here.


STEP 3: The How Government Works video explores how policy affects young Albertans, and how young Albertans can affect policy. This video helps to explain important issues that youth care about and want to understand more of. It also calls youth to action!

These tools are designed to equip all young Albertans with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions for when the next election comes.

For more information, contact us.