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United Conservative Party

The United Conservative Party was registered with Elections Alberta as a new political party effective July 27, 2017. In accordance with the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act (EFCDA), the party has notified the Chief Electoral Officer of its planned leadership contest in a statement setting out:

September 1, 2017 as the date of the official call of the leadership contest; and

October 28, 2017 as the last day of voting for the leadership contest.

Registration of Leadership Contestants

In accordance with section 9.2(4) of the EFCDA, persons who intend to seek the leadership of a registered party shall file an application for registration with Elections Alberta at the earliest of the following:

(a)  when the person announces his or her intention to seek endorsement as the official candidate of a registered party in an electoral division, or
(b)  when the person incurs expenses in relation to the person’s nomination campaign, or
(c)  when the person receives contributions in relation to the person’s nomination campaign.

The following persons have submitted registration applications which were accepted by Elections Alberta.

Contestant Date of Registration
 Brian Jean July 27, 2017
 Doug Schweitzer July 27, 2017
 Jason Kenney July 28, 2017
 Jeff Callaway August 4, 2017
 Paul Hinman September 7, 2017

The above registrations have not received acceptance by the party. The above registrations will be reviewed by the party for acceptance as contestants.

The date set by the party for the close of nominations is September 12, 2017.

Additional information can be found in the Public Files maintained at Elections Alberta or by contacting the United Conservative Party.

Financial Disclosure

Under section 43.02 of the EFCDA, each registered leadership contestant must file a Leadership Contestant Campaign Return within 4 months after the date of the leadership vote. February 28, 2018 is the deadline for filing leadership contestant campaign returns.

A campaign return must contain a financial statement, a contribution report in accordance with section 32(4.3) of the EFCDA, a campaign expense report, and supporting information and documents relating to the leadership campaign.  An audited financial statement and copy of the auditor’s report must accompany the campaign return if campaign expenses exceed $25,000.