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Election day in Calgary-Lougheed is December 14, 2017 | Click here for by-election information

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Nomination Contests

NOTICE: For best results in using Elections Alberta’s “fillable” PDF forms, save a copy of the fillable PDF to your computer, then “open with” Adobe Acrobat (version 8.0 or higher). This should allow the form fields and functionality to work properly.

A nomination contest is where a registered party or constituency association chooses a person to receive their endorsement. This person then becomes that party’s official candidate in the next election.

A nomination contestant is the person who seeks the endorsement.

Under the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act (EFCDA), Elections Alberta manages the contest, including the registration, reporting, and disclosure of information relative to the contest.

Political parties and constituency associations are responsible for notifying Elections Alberta of a contest: from when the contest will take place, to the individuals selected to run in the contest, through to the final result of the contest.

Potential contestants are responsible for also registering with Elections Alberta. This includes the appointment of a Chief Financial Officer, or CFO. A CFO is the person responsible for ensuring compliance with all aspects of campaign finance, including the filing of a campaign return.