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Nomination Contests

Elections Alberta has created new resources to account for new legislation approved by the legislative assembly in December 2016.  The new legislation was a result of the passing of Bill 35, the Fair Elections Financing Act, which significantly impacts electoral financing in Alberta.

A nomination contest is the process by which a registered party or constituency association selects a person for endorsement as the official candidate of the registered party for an electoral division.  A nomination contestant is a person who seeks to be endorsed in a nomination contest as the official candidate of a registered party for an electoral division. Under the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act (EFCDA), Elections Alberta is responsible for oversight of nomination contests including management of registration, financial reporting and disclosure.

Political parties and constituency associations are responsible for informing Elections Alberta of a nomination contest taking place, administering the selection process, and informing Elections Alberta of the nomination contest results. Prospective nomination contestants are responsible for registering with Elections Alberta, which includes appointing a chief financial officer (CFO).  CFOs of nomination contestants are responsible for ensuring compliance with all aspects of campaign finance including the filing of a nomination contestant campaign return.