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Glossary: S


An elector who is authorized to represent a candidate at a polling station.

Special Ballot

A means for qualified electors to cast a ballot, if they will not be able to vote during the Advance Polls or on Polling Day.

Spoiled Ballot

A ballot that has been

  1. dealt with by an elector in a manner that may render its use inappropriate, and
  2. surrendered by the elector to the deputy returning officer in return for a new ballot.
Standing Committee on Legislative Offices

Standing Committee on Legislative Offices is the Committee that reviews the budget and annual report of the CEO. The Committee is made up of twelve members who represent political parties in the Legislative Assembly. This committee reviews the budget of the Office of the Chief Electoral Office.

Supervisory Deputy Returning Officer (SDRO)

The responsibilities of a SDRO include:

  • supervising the polling place set up;
  • supervising polling place activities
  • determining electors’ PSDs and directing them to the RGO or DRO, as appropriate;
  • providing assistance to electors;
  • assigning tasks to election officers to best serve electors;
  • maintaining peace and order in the polling place;
  • replacing an election officer should the need arise;
  • perform the duties of another election officer should the need arise;
  • returning ballot boxes and supplies to the RO.
Supportive Living Facility
  1. a lodge accommodation as defined in the Alberta Housing Act, or
  2. a facility for adults or senior citizens that provides assisted living and accommodation for 10 or more electors at any one location.

A treatment centre is not a supportive living facility.