Hiring Policy

Elections Alberta works with Returning Officers to coordinate the hiring process for election officers and enumerators across Alberta. This involves recruitment of a wide range of positions, such as Site Supervisors, Voting Officers, Registration Officers, Record Clerks, Information Officers, Ballot Box Clerks, Site Monitors, and Enumerators.

Elections Alberta is committed to using fair and accountable hiring practices for elections in our province. The following principles guide our hiring processes and decisions regarding election officers and enumerators.

  1. Non-discrimination: The hiring process must be free from discrimination, meaning it must not have the effect of treating a person adversely in comparison with other applicants because of their age, race, gender, religion, disability or any of the other grounds listed in Alberta’s Human Rights Code.
  2. Merit-based: Staff must be selected on the basis of merit. All applicants are assessed on the basis of their experience, skills and abilities. This may include experience from past elections.
  3. Place-based: Qualified applicants from a given electoral division will be given preference for vacant positions within that electoral division, over applicants from outside the electoral division.
  4. Non-partisan: Applicants must not be affiliated with, or be perceived as affiliated with, any partisan organization or individual, if that affiliation compromises their ability to be, or be seen as, non-partisan in their community. Successful applicants must refrain from any partisan activity during their employment term.
  5. Transparent: Hiring principles and job opportunities will be shared publicly. Applicants will be informed in advance of job requirements, the desired competencies for the role, the applicable rate of pay, the duties of the job, the working conditions of the job, and the work term.
  6. Open: Job postings and calls for expressions of interest for vacant positions across the province are posted on the Elections Alberta website, and in other media as appropriate, prior to electoral events.
  7. Ethical: There must not be, or seem to be, any conflict between the private interests of employees and their duty to the public. Applicants are required to disclose to their Returning Officer any situation involving them which is a conflict or an apparent conflict of interest.
  8. Compliant: Election Act limitations on eligibility and partisan activity for certain positions guide recruitment and hiring.