2015 General Election

The Report of the Chief Electoral Officer on the 2015 Provincial General Election for the Twenty-ninth Legislative Assembly is available online. Click here to download the full PDF of the report (43.5MB).

The report is divided into 6 parts:

Please be advised that the pdf files are fairly large due to the amount of maps contained in the report. You may also request a hard copy by contacting our Office.

An Excel version of the official results is also available by clicking here.


For print copies of the report, please note the following corrections:

  • On page 261-263, we indicated that Chris Noble was a member of the Wildrose Party, when in fact, he is a member of the New Democratic Party. While correct in all other locations throughout the document, we apologize for the error in this instance.
  • On pages 25 and 36, we indicated that voter turnout was 56.74%, when in fact, the official voter turnout was 57.02%.