Parties, Candidates & Contests

Political parties, candidates and constituency associations are the main entities that participate in elections. Their collective goal is to elect members to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. Elections Alberta is responsible for the management of registration, reporting and disclosure of political parties, candidates and constituency associations. People interested in becoming a candidate, registering a political party or registering a constituency association can use our resources to explore and define their options.

Political Parties are political organizations that have met the legislative requirements under section 6(2) of the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act.

Constituency Associations are volunteer organizations endorsed by political parties or independent members of the Legislative Assembly to handle political activities at the electoral division level, such as fund-raising, including the collection and reporting of contributions.

Candidates are persons who seek to be elected, and are supported by political parties or run as independents.

Elections Alberta is also responsible for overseeing nomination contests, nomination contestants, leadership contests, and leadership contestants. Resources are also available here.

Nomination Contests are held by registered political parties, or constituency associations, to select persons to endorse as official candidates.

Nomination Contestants are persons who seek to be selected and endorsed as an official candidate for a political party in an electoral division.

Leadership Contests are held by registered political parties to select a leader.

Leadership Contestants are persons who seek be selected as the leader of a political party.

The above political entities must register with Elections Alberta which includes appointing a chief financial officer, and update registration information as changes occur. Registered political parties, candidates, constituency associations, nomination contestants and leadership contestants are required to file financial disclosure reports. Registered candidates are also required to file nomination papers with local returning officers during elections in order to appear on the ballot.