Current Candidates

A short training module is available for scrutineers attending a poll. Click below to view:

Scrutineer Orientation

Per the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, any person who meets the requirements set out in Alberta’s Election Act is able to become a candidate.

How to Register as a Candidate

Persons who seek to run as an independent candidate must submit a completed “Registration of a Candidate” form CD-R-01 with Elections Alberta.

Persons who seek to run as a candidate for a registered political party must first register as a nomination contestant with Elections Alberta, and participate in the party or constituency association’s nomination contest, in which one contestant is selected as that party’s candidate, for that particular electoral division. Once the party endorses the selected contestant as the official candidate, that person is automatically considered to be registered as a candidate with Elections Alberta. Click here for nomination contest and nomination contestant resources.

All candidates registered with Elections Alberta, whether independent or supported by a political party, must appoint a chief financial officer, maintain up-to-date registration information and file financial reports with Elections Alberta. Candidates and their chief financial officers are encouraged to review the resources provided on this website to ensure compliance with provincial electoral legislation.

How to Appear on the Election Ballot

During the election, in order for a registered candidate’s name to be included on the ballot paper, the candidate must submit a Candidate Nomination Paper and a monetary deposit with the local Returning Officer in the electoral division. The completed nomination papers must contain the signatures of at least 25 eligible electors in the electoral division, the name and contact information of the candidate’s official agent and a declaration by the candidate etc.

Information for Federal Public Servants

Before seeking nomination, federal servants must gain permission from the Public Service Commission. See Part 7 of the Public Service Employment Act.

Additionally, during the election period, federal servants may need to take a leave of absence without pay. For more information, on your legal rights and responsibilities, visit: