Nomination Contests

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A nomination contest is the process used by a registered party or constituency association to select a person to receive their endorsement as the official candidate in an electoral division for an election.

A nomination contestant is the person who seeks endorsement as the official candidate through the nomination contest process.

Under the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act (EFCDA), Elections Alberta manages the contest, including the registration, reporting, and disclosure of information relative to the contest.

Registered parties and constituency associations are responsible for notifying Elections Alberta of a contest, from when the contest will take place through to the final result of the contest.

Potential contestants are responsible for registering with Elections Alberta at the earliest of the following:

  1. when the person announces his or her intention to seek endorsement as the official candidate of a registered party in an electoral division, or
  2. when the person incurs expenses in relation to the person’s nomination campaign, or
  3. when the person receives contributions in relation to the person’s nomination campaign.

All nomination contestants registering with Elections Alberta must appoint a chief financial officer who is responsible for ensuring compliance with all aspects of the contestant’s campaign finances, including the filing of a nomination contestant campaign return.