Glossary: C

Campaign Period

The period beginning with the issue of the writs for an election and ending two months after polling day.


A person

  1. who is nominated as a candidate for an electoral division,
  2. who is nominated by a constituency association of a registered party in an electoral division for endorsation as the official candidate of that party in the electoral division, or
  3. who, on or after the date of the issue of a writ for an election in an electoral division, declares the person’s candidacy as an independent candidate at the election in the electoral division;

Candidates must also meet the requirements for eligibility set out in Section 56 of the Election Act.

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO)

A non-partisan Officer of the Legislative Assembly, responsible for the administration of the Election Act and the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The person officially designated by a registered party, a registered constituency association, or a registered candidate to manage the financial affairs of that political entity, including the issuance of Official Receipts and the filing of prescribed financial statements.

Constituency Association

An organization endorsed by a registered party or an independent member of the Legislative Assembly to handle ongoing activities, including fundraising.