Glossary: E


An election of a person as a Member of the Legislative Assembly conducted under the Election Act.

Election Clerk (EC)

The person responsible for assisting the Returning Officer (RO) in conducting the election in one of the province’s electoral divisions. The Election Clerk is the RO’s main support, and acts as RO in the RO’s absence.

Election Day

See "polling day".

Election Officer

Eligible electors who perform a specific role in the conduct of an election. Some, like the Returning Officer, Election Clerk and Administrative Assistant, serve electors throughout the election period in an office established in the electoral division. Others serve electors at the Advance polls and on Polling Day.

Election Period

The 28-day period following the issuance of the Writs of Election and ending on Polling Day.


A person who is:

  • a Canadian citizen
  • at least 18 years of age
  • ordinarily resident in Alberta
Electoral Division (ED)

One of 87 areas in the province in which a slate of candidates contests a provincial election, and for which a Returning Officer (RO) is appointed and a Member of the Legislative Assembly is elected. Each is assigned a number in the Electoral Divisions Act.


The process used to collect data from electors for the purpose of developing a List of Electors.


The individual responsible for visiting assigned residences in an assigned polling subdivision for the purpose of confirming or collecting data for the Register of Electors.