Glossary: P

Poll Clerk

The responsibilities of a poll clerk include:

  • maintaining the poll book/List of Electors and other polling day documentation;
  • assisting the DRO; and
  • assuming the responsibilities of the DRO, if necessary.
Polling Day

The day or days fixed for voting at an election.

Polling Place

A location (school, community league, etc.) where one or more polling stations are established for the purpose of voting at an election.

Polling Station

A station provided for electors in one polling subdivision to vote at an election. There may be several polling stations in one polling place.

Polling Subdivisions (PSD)

The units into which electoral divisions are divided for the purpose of effective election administration. There is a polling station established for each polling subdivision, at which a deputy returning officer and poll clerk manage the voting process. Several polling stations may exist in one polling place. Following polling day, all statistical information (voter turnout, percentage of popular vote, etc.) is compiled by polling subdivisions. By legislation, polling subdivisions are limited to 450 electors on average.