Glossary: R

Register of Electors

The electronic database which was initially created from November 1996 enumeration data and is updated continually from a variety of sources for the purpose of producing Lists of Electors as required.

Registered Political Party

A political party registered under the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act.

Registration Officer (RGO)

The responsibilities of a RGO include:

  • assisting electors in completing declarations;
  • determining electors’ PSDs, if necessary;
  • directing electors to the appropriate polls;
  • assisting the SDRO and DROs in the performance of their duties; and
  • removing material from the polling place (including voting screens, posters, signs) while the unofficial count is conducted.
Rejected Ballot

A ballot rejected by the deputy returning officer, during the unofficial count, if the voter’s intention is unclear; or, a special ballot that is received after the close of the polls on polling day.

Returning Officer (RO)

The person responsible for the enumeration and election in one of the province’s electoral divisions. The responsibility includes recruitment, training and supervision of the front-line election officers who staff the polling stations.

Returning Officer Liaisons (ROL)

A person hired by the Chief Electoral Officer, who works with several returning officers to provide regional support.