The Boundaries Commission Act

The Electoral Boundaries Commission Act assigns Elections Alberta the responsibility of providing advice, information and assistance to the Electoral Boundaries Commission established by this Act. The Commission is responsible for reviewing existing Electoral Division boundaries and for recommending Electoral Division boundaries to the Legislative Assembly. A Commission is to be appointed after every second provincial general election, between 8 and 10 years from the appointment of the last Commission.

View the Electoral Boundaries Commission Act online.

Members of the 2016/2017 Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission were
Justice Myra Bielby – chair
W. Bruce McLeod, Acme
D. Jean Munn, Calgary
Laurie Livingstone, Calgary
Gwen Day, Carstairs

View the final report of the 2016/17 Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission here.

Members of the 2009/2010 Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission were 
Hon. Ernest J.M. Walter, former Chief Judge of the Provincial court of Alberta
Keith Archer, Banff
Peter Dobbie, Vegreville
Brian Evans, Calgary
Allyson Jeffs, Edmonton

Members of the 2002/2003 Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission were 
Robert C. Clark, Alberta Ethics Commissioner
Glen Clegg, Fairview
Doug Graham, Calgary
Bauni Mackay, Edmonton
Ernie Patterson, Claresholm

Members of the 1995/1996 Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission were 
Hon. Edward R. Wachowich, Chief Judge, Provincial Court
Robert Grbavac, Raymond
Joseph Lehane, Innisfail
John McCarthy, Calgary
Walter Worth, Edmonton