Who’s My MLA?

In Alberta, we call our representatives “Members of the Legislative Assembly” or MLAs.
We choose our MLAs by voting, where the elector only picks one option from the many choices given. The person who then gets the most votes wins, even if they receive less than 50% of the total vote. We call this system a “single-member plurality”; or, more commonly, “first past the post”.
Canada’s constitution states that we must hold an election at least once every five years. The Election Act (Alberta) sets out when we hold our next election, in respect of this law.
Per our Act, the next election must next take place between March 1st and May 31st, no later than four years after the last provincial electionNote that nothing prevents the Lieutenant Governor from dissolving the legislature in advance of this date.
MLAs are your representative in government. They represent your needs and wants. They work with other MLAs to meet as many needs as possible and make everyone’s lives better.
In the assembly chamber, MLAs work with other members to introduce bills and create laws. But, that is only a small part of what they do. MLAs spend a majority of their time in the community, out of the sight of cameras and reporters. Here, they work with you, to listen to your questions, ideas, and opinions.
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