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Election day in Calgary-Lougheed is December 14, 2017 | Click here for by-election information

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Vision, Mission, Mandate

Our Vision

Albertans have confidence in an easily accessible electoral process.

Our Mission

Deliver effective non-partisan services that meet the electoral needs of Albertans.

Our Mandate

Elections Alberta’s mandate is to:

  • administer open, fair, and impartial elections;
  • provide voters with the necessary information and means to participate in the democratic process;
  • provide political participants with the necessary information and assistance to comply with election rules;
  • provide voters and political participants with a high standard of professionalism, courtesy and customer service;
  • provide information and training to election officers to ensure impartial service delivery, compliance with election procedures and the successful conduct of electoral events;
  • recommend changes to electoral law to improve administrative practices and the conduct of elections;
  • embrace partnership opportunities and innovative ideas by adopting best practices and new technologies from the service, business, and election communities; and
  • support a positive, respectful, cohesive and self-rewarding work environment where individual aspirations can be achieved.