Vision, Mission, Mandate

Our Vision

Inspire trust and participation in Alberta’s democracy through inclusive, fair, and impartial electoral processes.

Our Mission

To serve Albertans as an independent election management body committed to the administration of modern, transparent, and accessible democratic processes that ensure the integrity and enhance the value of Alberta’s electoral system.

Our Mandate

Elections Alberta’s mandate is to:

  • Administer fair, inclusive, impartial electoral events in compliance with legislation.
  • Listen, learn, and engage with the public and our partners to remove barriers, share necessary information and encourage participation throughout the democratic process.
  • Hire and support a diverse workforce to ensure impartial, inclusive, and respectful service delivery.
  • Ensure accountability of political participants through education, monitoring, and enforcement of electoral legislation.
  • Embrace partnership opportunities and innovation.
  • Strengthen public confidence in the democratic process through transparent disclosure and reporting.