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Election day in Calgary-Lougheed is December 14, 2017 | Click here for by-election information

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Political Third Party Advertisers

Elections Alberta has created new resources for political third party advertisers to account for new legislation approved by the legislative assembly in December 2016. The new legislation was a result of the passing of Bill 35, the Fair Elections Financing Act, which significantly impacts electoral financing rules in Alberta.

A political third party advertiser is a person, corporation or group which is required to register with Elections Alberta when it has incurred or plans to incur expenses of at least $1,000 for political advertising, or it has accepted or plans to accept at least $1,000 in political advertising contributions.  Political advertising occurs any time outside of the 28 day election period and is defined in section 44.1(1)(g) of the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act.


Political Third Party Advertiser

Registration Date Registered Third Party Name Phone Number Financial Reporting
May 19, 2017 Alberta Advantage Fund 1.855.561.4611 View
August 2, 2017 Alberta Can’t Wait 403.991.7736 View
February 15, 2017 Alberta Federation of Labour Inc. 780.483.3021 View
May 31, 2017 Alberta Victory Fund 403.355.0060 View
August 4, 2017 Balanced Alberta Fund Inc. 403.301.3883 View
April 25, 2017 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 424 780.462.5076 View
March 23, 2017 Merit Contractors Association 780.455.5999 View
February 17, 2017 The Alberta Fund 403.850.6088 View
July 7, 2017 United Liberty 403.975.0909 View
October 17, 2017 The Wilberforce Project 780.421.7747 View

Last Updated: October 18, 2017

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