Initiative Petition TPAs

An Initiative Petition Third Party Advertiser engages in advertising to promote or oppose an initiative petition, the legislation, policy or constitutional question proposed by the initiative petition or the subject-matter of the legislation, policy or constitutional question,

Any eligible person, corporation, trade union or group that engages in initiative petition advertising is required to register with Elections Alberta when it has incurred or plans to incur expenses of at least $1,000 for initiative petition advertising, or it has accepted or plans to accept at least $1,000 in initiative petition advertising contributions.

Registered Initiative Petition TPAs

There are currently no registered Initiative Petition TPAs.

Deregistered Initiative Petition TPAs

There are currently no deregistered Initiative Petition TPAs.


A registered Initiative Petition TPA can only accept initiative petition advertising contributions from individuals ordinarily resident in Alberta, corporations that do business in Alberta and are not prohibited corporations, Alberta trade unions, and groups with members made up of any of the aforementioned individuals and entities. Contributions can be money or in-kind donations of goods or services.

There is no contribution limit for contributions made to Initiative Petition TPAs.

The TPA chief financial officer is responsible for reporting contributions to Elections Alberta and issuing official contribution receipts to contributors. Receipts issued for contributions to TPAs cannot be claimed for income tax credits.

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Fundraising Events

A registered Initiative Petition TPA or anyone acting on their behalf can hold events and activities to raise funds for initiative petition advertising. Examples of fundraising events include a luncheon, meet & greet, rally, golf tournament, silent auction etc. Contribution rules limit who can pay to attend or who can donate/bid at a silent auction. All fundraising revenues and expenses must be reported on the TPA’s advertising return.

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Expense Limits

A registered Initiative Petition TPA can spend a maximum of $572,200 on initiative advertising expenses. Initiative advertising expenses are any expense incurred for the production of an initiative advertising message in the format in which the message is to be transmitted and the acquisition of the means of transmission to the public of an initiative advertising message.

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Filing Deadlines

Initiative Petition TPAs must disclose their financial activities to Elections Alberta by filing weekly contribution reports during the initiative petition period. In addition, an advertising return must be filed within 3 months after the initiative petition period, that consists of a financial statement, contribution report, expense report, and supporting information and documentation. Audited financial statements must be filed if advertising expenses exceed $350,000. Automatic late filing fees apply for failure to file a report or return on time.

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Financial Reporting

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Online Financial System (OFS)

Initiative Petition TPA primary contacts and chief financial officers are granted access to Elections Alberta’s secure Online Financial System (OFS) to report contributions and issue official contribution receipts to contributors.

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