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Elections Alberta and the Office of the Election Commissioner have different mandates, and complaints need to be directed to the appropriate place to have them dealt with correctly.

What goes to Elections Alberta?

Elections Alberta’s mandate is to:

  • administer open, fair, and impartial elections;
  • provide stakeholders with the necessary information and means to participate in the democratic process;
  • provide support to election officers to ensure impartial service delivery;
  • serve in an advisory and regulatory role to achieve compliance in electoral finance activities;
  • provide the public with disclosure through the publication of reports and financial statements;
  • embrace partnership opportunities and innovative ideas by adopting best practices and new technologies from the service, business, and election communities; and
  • support a positive, respectful, cohesive and self-rewarding work environment where individual aspirations can be achieved.

If you are having issues with the www.elections.ab.ca website, Voterlink, Am I Registered, Who’s my MLA, Financial Reporting, or any other Elections Alberta sites or tools, you can contact Elections Alberta.

Contact Elections Alberta

What goes to the Election Commissioner?

The Election Commissioner is an independent officer of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. It is the job of the Election Commissioner to ensure compliance with and enforcement of the Election Act and the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act. Effective August 1, 2019, the Election Commissioner’s mandate includes examination of non-compliance and enforcement matters relating to municipal elections. With regard to local authority elections, the Election Commissioner’s responsibilities are limited to investigating complaints and enforcing campaign finance, financial disclosure and third party advertising laws only.

If you have a complaint or an allegation that either the Election Act, the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act or the Local Authorities Election Act has been violated, you should refer the matter to the Election Commissioner.  Please note that only complaints or allegations regarding provincial or municipal elections should be referred to the Election Commissioner. Matters relating to federal elections do not fall within his jurisdiction. You can find out how to make those complaints here.

Contact the Election Commissioner