Nomination Contestants

A nomination contestant is a person who seeks endorsement as the official candidate through the nomination contest process.

nomination contest is the process used by a registered party or constituency association to select a person to receive their endorsement as the official candidate in an electoral division for an election.

Nomination contestants must register with Elections Alberta, maintain up-to-date registration information, and submit a financial return to disclose their financial activities.  Parties must inform Elections Alberta before they hold a nomination contest in an electoral division and must report the results following the contest.

For the complete guide on nomination contestant fundraising, spending, and reporting rules click here. For advertising guidelines click here.

IMPORTANT: You cannot apply to be a chief financial officer if you are on Elections Alberta’s current ineligible persons list.



A contestant can only accept contributions from persons ordinarily resident in Alberta and only during the nomination contestant’s campaign period. Contributions can be money or in-kind donations of goods or services.

The maximum a contestant can receive is $4,243 per person during the campaign period. Contestants who spend their own funds for their nomination campaign can claim a contribution up to the $4,243 maximum; any amounts over the maximum must be reimbursed to the contestant by their campaign.

The contestant’s chief financial officer is responsible for issuing official contribution receipts for contributions received (including contributions by the contestant), which contributors can claim for non-refundable personal income tax credits on their tax return.

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Fundraising Events

A registered nomination contestant or any person acting on the contestant’s behalf can hold an event during the nomination contestant’s campaign period only, to raise funds for their campaign. Examples of fundraising events include a luncheon, meet & greet, car rally, golf tournament, silent auction etc. Rules apply on who can pay to attend or who can donate/bid at a silent auction.

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Expense Limits

A registered nomination contestant can spend a maximum of $10,607 during the nomination contest period – date of official call to selection date.

Click here for more information on expense limits.

Filing Deadlines

Nomination contestants must disclose their financial activities to Elections Alberta by filing a campaign period return within four months after the selection date of the nomination contest. The campaign period return includes:

  • a financial statement,
  • detailed list of all contributions received including contributor names, addresses and amounts contributed,
  • detailed list of all campaign expenses, and
  • supporting information and documents relating to the campaign return.

Every nomination contestant that has been registered with Elections Alberta must file a Nomination Contestant Campaign financial statement within four months after the nomination contest.  Even if a contestant withdraws or has their registration cancelled, they still must submit a financial statement to Elections Alberta.

Click here for more information on filing deadlines.

Financial Reporting

View registration and financial information for nomination contestants and contests.

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Online Financial System (OFS)

Registered nomination contestants and their chief financial officers are granted access to Elections Alberta’s secure Online Financial System to enter and submit financial reports.

Contact Elections Alberta for access and login queries.

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