Senate and Referendum Official Results will be released on October 26, 2021

Local election results will be released by your municipality.

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Senate Election and Referendum Vote

Information for Voters

  • Who Can Vote?

    Find out if you are eligible to vote for the senate election and referendum vote.

  • Where Do I Vote?

    As the senate and referendum votes are being held with local elections, look up your local jurisdiction to find specific voting information for your area.

  • Referendum Questions

    There will be two questions asked of Albertans this fall, one on equalization and another on daylight saving time. Learn more about these topics here.

  • Senate Candidates

    Learn who has been nominated and will appear on the ballot, as well as who is registered to raise and spend money for their campaign.

  • Returning Office Contact Info

    Do you have questions or wish to speak to the returning officer for your area? - You can look up their contact information here.

  • Results

    Learn about the count process and how results will be released after election. Results for both the senate election and referendum vote will be available here.

Information for Political Participants

  • Run as a Senate Candidate

    Learn if you are eligible to run as a senate candidate and the steps to follow to get your name on the ballot.

  • Third Party Advertisers

    Find out about becoming a third-party advertiser for the senate election or referendum vote, and access all related forms, guides, and resources.

  • Weekly Contribution Reports

    Review the contributions made to senate and referendum third party advertisers, as reported weekly.

  • Advertising Guidelines

    If you want to sponsor a political advertisement, click here to learn the requirements you must meet and what qualifies as an advertisement.

  • Expense Limits

    Find out more about the specific limits that apply to the senate and referendum vote regarding expenses, goods, and services.

  • Contribution Rules

    Learn about political contributions, including who can donate, contribution limits, and eligibility for tax credits.

Information for Municipalities

  • Returning Officer Handbook

    Learn how to conduct the senate election and referendum vote in conjunction with a local authorities election.

  • Forms

    Access, download, and print forms, posters, and voting instructions for the senate and referendum votes.

  • Online Training

    Access the learning modules and all related resources from the senate and referendum information sessions here.

Information for the Media

  • News Releases

    The media plays an important role in distributing information to electors about elections. View all media-related information here.

  • Advertisements

    Access information about our advertising campaign and links to our videos.

  • Important Dates

    • Election Day

      October 18, 2021

    • Announcement of Official Results

      October 26, 2021

    • Q3 Contribution Reporting Deadline

      October 15, 2021 (Publication November 1, 2021)