Elections Alberta Releases Updated Contribution and Expense Limits

January 23, 2024

EDMONTON – Following a Provincial General Election, Elections Alberta is responsible for adjusting contribution and expense limits in accordance with the consumer price index (CPI) published by Statistics Canada. Adjustments take effect on January 1st of the year following a general election.

The last adjustment to contribution and expense limits took place on January 1, 2020. The adjustment is calculated based on the percent increase, if any, of the consumer price index for the period beginning the effective date of the prior adjustment (January 1, 2020) and ending on December 31st of the year the general election was held (December 31, 2023). The CPI percent increase during this timeframe was 14.44%. Once adjusted, limits and expenses are rounded up to the nearest hundred dollars.

The following contribution limits are effective January 1, 2024:


Political Participant Type Contribution Limit (Calendar Year) Eligible for Tax Credit?
Any combination of:

  • Political Parties
  • Constituency Associations
  • Candidates
  • Leadership Contestants
$5,000 Yes
Nomination Contestant $4,600 No
Senate Candidate $5,000 Yes
Initiative Petition Proponent $4,600 No
Recall Petition Authorized Participant $4,600 No
Recall Vote Authorized Participant $4,600 No
Political Third Party Advertiser $34,400 No
Election Third Party Advertiser $34,400 No
Senate Third Party Advertiser $34,400 No
Referendum Third Party Advertiser $34,400 No

The Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act outlines the timeframes in which political participants can accept contributions and who is eligible to make contributions.  For more details on requirements, limitations, and limits on claiming tax credits visit https://www.elections.ab.ca/finance/contributions/.

The following expense limits are effective January 1, 2024:


Political Participant Type Expense Limit
Political Party – By-Election (per electoral division) $28,000
Political Party – Senate Election (per senate candidate) $121,400
Candidate $60,800
Candidate – Senate $607,000
Nomination Contestant $15,200
Initiative Petition Proponent $572,200
Recall Petition Authorized Participant $26,400
Recall Vote Authorized Participant $26,400
Election Third Party Advertiser (general election pre-writ period) $182,200
Election Third Party Advertiser (general election writ period) $182,200
Election Third Party Advertiser – By-Election (per electoral division) $3,700
Initiative Petition Third Party Advertiser $572,200
Recall Third Party Advertiser (recall petition advertising period) $3,500
Recall Third Party Advertiser (recall petition vote period) $3,500
Senate Third Party Advertiser $36,600
Referendum Third Party Advertiser $607,000
Registered candidate debt guarantee limit $30,500

The Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act outlines the period which expense limit applies to. For more details on expense limits visit: https://www.elections.ab.ca/finance/expense-limits/.

Elections Alberta is an independent, non-partisan office of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta responsible for administering provincial elections, by-elections, and referenda.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Robyn Bell
Media Relations
Phone: 780.427.7191
Email: robyn.bell@elections.ab.ca


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