Every Albertan can play an active role in encouraging other Albertans to participate in our election.

We encourage you to:

  • Watch debates, visit party websites, and learn more about their platforms
  • Discuss the issues that matter the most to you with your friends and family
  • Find out how candidates running in your area plan to address your unique concerns
  • Become a campaign volunteer for a candidate in your electoral division
  • Volunteer as a Scrutineer to represent candidates at a voting location
  • Vote together, by encouraging your friends and family to come with you to vote

Elections Alberta partners with both local and national organizations to provide programming and resources to further encourage electors and future voters to participate in our elections. See below for who we are working with now. If you are interested in forming a partnership with us, please contact us!

Local Immersive Programs

Taking part in one of these programs? You will hear from Elections Alberta when you attend.

School at the Legislature

Elections Alberta recognizes the importance of engaging youth in the voting process to encourage life-long voting behaviour.

During the academic school year, from September to June, Elections Alberta takes part in the School at the Legislature at the Alberta Legislature.

We engage students in grades 6 and 9 from across the province through interactive presentations about democracy, the electoral process and citizen participation in both official languages. Students participating in this immersive program learn about the voting process by participating in a mock election.

Election Programs

Once an election is called, Elections Alberta encourages all Albertans to participate in the election. Partnerships during this very busy time are vital to help spread this message. Our partners include:

Student Vote 2023

Elections Alberta has partnered with CIVIX to administer the Student Vote program in schools across the province for the 2023 Alberta provincial election. Student Vote programming is designed for grades 4 to 12 allows teachers in elementary and secondary schools, and allows teachers to bring democracy to life in their classrooms by providing a hands-on election experience to their students. Students cast ballots for the local candidates running in their school’s electoral division and results are provincial results are reported shortly after the election.

During the 2023 Provincial General Election we are expecting approximately 1,350 schools to participate, nearly 3,000 teachers to be involved and 175,000 students to cast a ballot.

Ongoing Programs

We don’t have to be in an election campaign to talk about democracy and voting! Right now, we’re engaging with several non-profit organizations to determine how we can work together to share our message and support all Albertans in casting their ballot.

Do you belong to a group that supports young Albertans, new Canadians, Indigenous people, or people with disabilities ? Would you like to get involved in the 2023 General Election?

  • Seeking new partners! – Contact us about the 2023 General Election.