Building Future Voters

Building Future Voters (BFV) is an engaging, non-partisan, education program, offered in both English and French, designed to support teachers in engaging students in Grades 6, 9, and 12 in learning about democracy, elections, and citizenship participation.

Building Future Voters resources, aligned with the Alberta curriculum, includes lesson plans, handouts, worksheets, and rubrics to evaluate students’ success. We know teachers are busy! These resources and tools provide teachers with an easy-to-follow learning sequences aiming to make the teaching process simple and easy.

Curriculum connections include:

  • Grade 6 – Focus on social participation
  • Grade 9 – Focus on citizenship, identity, and democratic processes
  • Grade 12 – Focus on ideological perspectives

The goal of the program is to inspire youth to take part in the voting process at an early age to develop a life-long voting behaviour. It also encourages them to engage in civic participation, in both their school and community.

The Build the Vote! resource offers teachers the opportunity to bring democracy to their classroom through an election simulation that mirrors a real-life voting experience.

Looking for fun ways to integrate technology into your lessons? Our Building Future Voters program encourages students to visit to explore issues, fast facts, timelines of voting rights and more!

Access BFV resources for your classroom!

All resources can be downloaded online or ordered through physical kits in English or French.

Each resource will include a Build the Vote! election simulation toolkit for a class of up to 35, providing all voting materials needed to conduct a mock provincial general election or a referendum in the classroom.

They can also be ordered for multiple classrooms within your school or for your entire school.

Orders are processed within five business days and shipped to you at no cost. Please note that delivery times may vary.

If you have a special request, please email or call 780-427-7191.

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Don’t have time to run the full program? – We offer presentations in both schools and in the community. Otherwise, check out our other educational resources.