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A political party is an organization that aims to elect candidates to the Legislative Assembly. Anyone can form a political party, but only parties that have registered with the Chief Electoral Officer can be included on a ballot for an election. How to register a political party in Alberta can be found on our FAQ page.

This section contains resources for political parties, including information about how to register with the Chief Electoral Officer, a list of contact information of registered political parties and guides on various topics, such as filing financial reports and the responsibilities of financial agents.

Note: Alberta currently has 13 registered political parties. The information shown below is the most current data we have received from each of the political parties:

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Reserved Party Names

Party Name Expiry Date
Wexit Alberta (W-A) December 16, 2019
Progressive Coalition Party (PCP) March 23, 2020
Alberta Freedom Alliance (AFA) April 7, 2020
People’s Party of Alberta (PPA) April 22, 2020