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A political party is an organization that aims to elect candidates to the Legislative Assembly. Anyone can form a political party, but only parties that have registered with the Chief Electoral Officer can be included on a ballot for an election. How to register a political party in Alberta can be found on our FAQ page.

This section contains resources for political parties, including information about how to register with the Chief Electoral Officer, a list of contact information of registered political parties and guides on various topics, such as filing financial reports and the responsibilities of financial agents.

Note: Alberta currently has 12 registered political parties. The information shown below is the most current data we have received from each of the political parties:

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Reserved Party Names

Party Name Expiry Date
Alberta Independence Party January 14, 2019
Alberta Freedom Alliance (AFA) February 13, 2019
Progressive Canadian Provincial Conservatives (PCPC) March 1, 2019
Albertans For Swiss Style Direct Democracy (ASSDD) April 15, 2019
New Populist Party (NPA) April 26, 2019
YES April 26, 2019