If you have a complaint or allegation regarding a violation of the Election Act, or Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act (governing provincial elections), or in regard to a violation of the campaign finance or third party advertising provisions of the Local Authorities Election Act (governing municipal, school board, irrigation district and Metis Settlement elections), you should refer the matter to the Election Commissioner.

Only complaints or allegations regarding the three Acts listed above should be referred to the Election Commissioner. Matters relating to federal election law violations should be referred to the Commissioner of Canada Elections.

Every complaint or allegation received by the Election Commissioner is reviewed to determine its basis and whether or not an investigation or some other recourse is warranted. As necessary, the Election Commissioner engages the services of contracted personnel to assist with the mandate and resolve matters in a thorough and timely manner.

Submitting a complaint

If you have information about a possible offence that you believe was committed under the Election Act, Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act or the Local Authorities Election Act, please submit your complaint using the online form below, or send the information to:

Elections Alberta
100 11510 Kingsway NW
Edmonton, AB
T5G 2Y5


Phone: 780.644.1250 or toll free 310-0000 then 780.644.1250

You are asked to provide:

  • Your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
  • A factual description of matters related to your complaint including events, dates, individual(s) involved, circumstances, and the action or inaction that you believe may be an offence.
  • The relevant section or sections of the Election Act, Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act or the Local Authorities Election Act that you believe may have been breached, or the nature of the alleged offence.
  • Copies of any documents that you believe are relevant.

Provide a factual description of the events, circumstances or actions that you believe gave rise to the alleged offence. (Include specific dates, places and/or documents that you believe are relevant).

Submit a complaint online

  • Provincial Electoral Division name OR name of Local Authority — Municipality, School Board, Irrigation District or Metis Settlement (optional)
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