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Election Readiness Toolkit

Creating Sustainable Dialogue Around Elections

A is B created this toolkit for us, to help us teach youth how to get engaged and involved in elections. It’s a quick and fun way to learn how government works!

There are three different tools in this toolkit: a manual, the game, and the video.


Step 1: Start with the manual here.

You’ll find great tips, case studies, and other information on how to connect with civics. You can become an expert on the subject in no time!
Download the manual here.


Step 2: Take the quiz!

Five questions, one minute. After answering them, tally up and see what policies matter most to you. Check out the handout or download the full PowerPoint here.



Step 3: Watch the video…

Now learn how your vote and your voice matter.


Step 4: Vote!

Now that you’re equipped with all the know-how and understand how to get involved, it’s simple! Get out and vote! Learn about your candidates and make informed decisions.

For more information, contact us.