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Senate Nominations

2012 Provincial Senate Nominee Election Report

The Report of the Chief Electoral Officer on the 2012 Provincial Senate Nominee Election, Monday, April 23, 2012. Click here to download the file (1.83 mb).

2004 Provincial Senate Nominee Election Report

The Report of the Chief Electoral Officer on the 2004 Provincial Senate Nominee Election, Monday, November 22, 2004. Click here to download the file (3.96 mb).

Election Calendar
Eligibility of Candidates
Registration of Candidates
Elector Information
Voting Options
Special Ballot Polls
Advance Polls
Mobile Polls
Election Training
Election Night Results
Official Results
Summary of Results
Points of Interest
Campaign Period Financial Statements
Financial Analysis
Remarks of the Chief Electoral Officer
Summary of Results 1989 – 2004
List of Returning Officers
Tabulation of Official Results
Statements of Official Results
Financial Statements

The November 22, 2004 Senate Nominee Election was conducted under the authority of the Senatorial Selection Act, as amended in March 2004. Section 3 of the Act directs that:

The Government of Alberta shall submit the names of the Senate nominees to the Queen’s Privy Council
for Canada as persons who may be summoned to the Senate of Canada for the purpose of filling

The Act directs that an election may be held:

  • in conjunction with a general election under the Election Act,
  • separately on a date provided for in the order, or
  • in conjunction with the general elections under the Local Authorities Election Act.

The election was held in conjunction with a Provincial General Election for the first time in Alberta’s history. Order in Council 452/2004 dated September 29, 2004 directed that an election of four persons under the Senatorial Selection Act was to be conducted. The Order in Council directed that the timeline would follow the key dates established for the Provincial General Election, with one exception. The issuance of the Writ and Proclamation in advance of the election period allowed candidates to begin collecting signatures on their Candidate Nomination Papers. Specific key dates appear in the election calendar that follows.

Election Calendar….

Wednesday, September 29 Issuance of the Writ of Election to the Chief Electoral Officer
Wednesday, September 29 Issuance of the Proclamation by the Chief Electoral Officer
Monday, October 25 Issuance of Writs of Election for the Provincial General Election
Saturday, October 30 First day for electors to be added to the List of Electors in the Returning Officers’ offices
Monday, November 8
at 2:00 PM
Last opportunity for Candidates to file Nomination Papers with the Chief Electoral Officer
Saturday, November 13
at 4:00 PM
Last opportunity for electors to be added to the List of Electors in the Returning Officers’ offices
Thursday, November 18 First day to vote in the Advance Polls (9:00 AM to 8:00 PM)
Friday, November 19 Second day to vote in the Advance Polls (9:00 AM to 8:00 PM)
Saturday, November 20 Final day to vote in the Advance Polls (9:00 AM to 8:00 PM)
Monday, November 22 POLLING DAY Polls open from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM; unofficial results web-posted
Thursday, December 2 Provincial tabulation of official results announced by the Chief Electoral Officer

Eligibility of Candidates….

Candidates had to meet the following qualifications in accordance with the Constitution Act, 1867. Each had to be:

  • at least thirty years of age,
  • a Canadian citizen,
  • owner of $4,000 in real property in Alberta, and
  • resident in Alberta.

Candidates also had to meet the following qualifications in accordance with the Senatorial Selection Act:

  • ordinarily resident in Alberta for at least six months immediately preceding Polling Day,
  • could not be sitting members of the House of Commons, Senate of Canada or Alberta Legislative Assembly,
  • could not be candidates in the November 22, 2004 Provincial General Election, and
  • could not be prohibited from participation by Sections 57, 178 or 181 of the Election Act.

Registration of Candidates….

Twelve prospective candidates filed registration papers under the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act.

Ten candidates filed nomination papers with the Chief Electoral Officer by the close of nominations at 2:00 p.m. on November 8, 2004. Each of the candidates collected a minimum of 1,500 electors’ signatures supporting their nomination and provided a $4,000 nomination deposit.


The Proclamation was advertised in 9 daily newspapers and 103 weekly newspapers throughout the province, following its issuance on September 29, 2004. Subsequent advertisements combined information for both the Senate Nominee Election and the Provincial General Election.

In accordance with legislation, maps of each electoral division were advertised in newspapers of general circulation on two occasions during the election period. The first advertisement appeared in the first week of November, and included Proclamation information, Returning Officers’ office hours and contact information, qualifications for Special Ballot voters, and information regarding the availability of level access in the Returning Officers’ offices and advance polling places.

The second advertisement appeared in mid November, and included information on regular, advance and Special Ballot polls, along with the polling place maps.

Elector Information….

Candidates’ nominations closed at 2:00 p.m. on the fourteenth day following the issuance of the Writ, and a listing of candidates was available on the website later that day. Prior to that, names of individuals who had registered under the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act were web-posted to provide electors with names of the prospective candidates.

The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer’s website provided answers to commonly asked questions regarding polling place locations, eligibility criteria and availability of voter assistance. For the first time, electors were able to determine their polling place location following data entry of their civic address or rural legal land description. Electors were also able to confirm their inclusion on the List of Electors after entering the personal information necessary to confirm their identity and prohibit information gathering by unauthorized sources. At the close of polls on Polling Day, electors were able to obtain unofficial results as that information was entered by Returning Officers. The portion of the website containing poll by poll results, and aggregate results for the province, was visited over 112,000 times on Polling Day.

Voting Options….

In accordance with Section 31 of the Senatorial Selection Act, electors had the same range of voting opportunities as for the Provincial General Election. Provincial Returning Officers, along with the staff hired to manage the Provincial General Election, facilitated the Senate Nominee Election vote. The election process and voting options were the same for both events.

Special Ballot Polls….

Eligible electors were able to vote by Special Ballot throughout the election period. This is a favoured option of electors who are physically incapacitated, and for those who travel, work or attend an educational institution outside of their own electoral division for extended periods. Upon the elector’s request to the Returning Officer, electors were provided with a Special Ballot on which they were asked to record the names of up to four candidates of their choice. The Special Ballot packages had to be returned to the appropriate Returning Officers by the close of polls on Polling Day in order to be counted.

11,690 valid votes were cast at 83 Special Ballot polls across the province.

Advance Polls….

Advance polls were conducted on November 18, 19 and 20 from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Many were held in the offices of the Returning Officers; up to four advance poll locations were established in electoral divisions covering large geographic areas to ensure elector convenience. Advance polls were available for electors who were physically incapacitated, election officers, candidates, official agents, scrutineers, or who were going to be unable to vote or absent on Polling Day.

106,044 valid votes were cast at 165 advance polls.

Mobile Polls….

Treatment centres and supportive living facilities with ten or more inpatient or resident electors were provided with a mobile poll on Polling Day, where consultation between Provincial Returning Officers and facility staff found the service to be appropriate.

Advance notification was provided to advise eligible electors of the time that the mobile poll was to be held. Mobile polls were conducted in fixed locations, or by going bed-to-bed, or by using both methods, to best meet electors’ needs.

34,049 valid votes were cast at 477 mobile poll locations.

Election Training….

Provincial Returning Officers trained 7,270 electors to staff the polls on Polling Day. Those election officers were provided with standardized training to manage the Senate Nominee Election and the Provincial General Election.

Election officers were responsible for two sets of ballots. In addition, they advised electors on how to mark the ballot for each election and answered questions that arose.


2,604,000 ballots were prepared for distribution to 83 Provincial Returning Officers prior to the conduct of the advance polls. Written instructions on the ballot directed electors to select up to four Senate Nominee Election candidates by marking an “x” next to the candidate(s) of their choice.

These instructions were supplemented by the posters displayed in each polling place, which directed electors on how to vote. Translation sheets provided the same instructions in thirteen different languages.

Election Night Results….

At the close of polls, election officers conducted the unofficial count of all Senate Nominee Election ballots following the Provincial General Election ballot count. Counting the votes for the Senate Nominee Election was particularly time consuming, since each valid ballot could contain up to four votes. In a polling subdivision of 450 electors, a deputy returning officer and poll clerk had a huge task, with a potential for counting up to 2,250 votes in total, for the two events.

Unofficial results for both events were communicated to Provincial Returning Officers by telephone and were made available in the Returning Officers’ offices. For the first time, staff in Returning Officers’ offices data entered the unofficial results as they arrived and posted that information to the website. Interested parties were able to view poll-by-poll results, as well as results aggregated for the entire province, as they were posted. The information systems capability will be enhanced prior to the next electoral event in order to expedite the web-posting of unofficial results.

Official Results….

Provincial Returning Officers were required to count all ballots cast in the Senate Nominee Election and transmit results to the Chief Electoral Officer within four days of the election. This was an extremely time-consuming process due to the potential for multiple votes on each ballot and the large volume of ballots.

It became apparent that the official count could not be completed by the legislated deadline of Friday, November 26 in all electoral divisions. The Chief Electoral Officer invoked the emergency powers prescribed by Section 4(2) of the Election Act to extend the deadline for completion and to allow Returning Officers to employ additional staff to assist with the count, where needed. Official results for all 83 electoral divisions were transmitted to the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer by Monday, November 29, 2004.

The Chief Electoral Officer prepared a Tabulation of Official Results by consolidating the results received from all Provincial Returning Officers. The Chief Electoral Officer announced the official results on December 2, 2004 and declared the four candidates with the most votes elected.

The term of the Senate Nominees elected expires on the day the writ is issued for the second general election following the general election conducted on November 22, 2004, in accordance with Order in Council 413/2004.

Summary of Results….

Cliff Breitkreuz, Progressive Conservative Party 241,306
Bert Brown, Progressive Conservative Party 312,041
Link Byfield, Independent 238,751
Vance Gough, Alberta Alliance 167,770
Gary Horan, Alberta Alliance 156,175
Michael Roth, Alberta Alliance 176,339
Jim Silye, Progressive Conservative Party 217,857
Tom Sindlinger, Independent 161,082
Betty Unger, Progressive Conservative Party 311,964
David Usherwood, Progressive Conservative Party 193,056
Total votes polled for all candidates 2,176,341
Names of Senate Nominees elected appear in bold type

The Senatorial Selection Act directs that the candidate’s nomination deposit is to be returned for each winning candidate and for each candidate who receives half of the total number of votes obtained by the candidate elected with the least number of votes. Nomination deposits of $4,000 were returned to all of the candidates whose names appeared on the ballot.

Points of Interest….

Electors cast 885,289 ballots in the election conducted under the Senatorial Selection Act, representing a voter turnout of 44.2%. In comparison, the voter turnout for the Provincial General Election was 44.7%. This slight variance occurred because electors did not wish to receive ballots for both elections in all cases. Election officers had been instructed to confirm that the elector wished to decline to cast a ballot in one or both elections, in this situation. Declined ballots were to be marked appropriately, maintained separately from the other ballots and recorded as declined for counting purposes. This did not always occur. Since some electors received only one ballot, the official results indicated that a small percentage of electors participated in only one election when voter turnout was calculated.

The 714,709 valid ballots cast contained 2,176,341 valid votes. On average, electors selected three candidates on each valid ballot.

To provide a historical perspective:

  • 891,583 valid votes were cast in 1998 to elect two Senate Nominees;
  • 641,519 valid votes were cast in 1989 to elect one Senate Nominee.

85,937 electors declined to cast a ballot in the election under the Senatorial Selection Act. That equates to 4.2% of eligible voters, or 9.7% of the voters who received ballots on Polling Day.

84,643 ballots were rejected in accordance with the criteria. That equates to 9.5% of the total ballots cast.

Campaign Period Financial Statements…. The filing deadline for Candidates’ Campaign Period Financial Statements was March 22, 2005, four months after Polling Day. Details of expenses incurred by each candidate will be web-posted.

Twelve individuals filed registration documents, in accordance with Section 9 of the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act (the Act) pertaining to this Senate Nominee Election, and were therefore required to file Campaign Period Financial Statements, in accordance with Section 43(2) of the Act.

One candidate, Gerry Pyne, from the Alberta Social Credit Party did not file a Candidate’s Campaign Period Financial Statement as required by Section 43(4)(b) of the Act. Pursuant to Section 44(1) of the Act, the name of the candidate and his chief financial officer were reported to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly on April 4, 2005.

The filing deadline for Political Parties’ Campaign Period Financial Statements was May 24, 2005, six months after Polling Day.

Copies of all financial statements are received by the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer and placed on the Public Files for examination during normal office hours. Copies of the Candidates’ Campaign Period Financial Statements are presented, for informational purposes only, in the Financial Statements section of this report.

The Statements have not been examined by the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer. Once examined, any amendments will be placed on the Public Files.

These Statements follow:

Cliff Breitkreuz, Progressive Conservative Party 197
Bert Brown, Progressive Conservative Party 198
Link Byfield, Independent 199
David Copley, Independent 200
Vance Gough, Alberta Alliance 201
Gary Horan, Alberta Alliance 202
Michael Roth, Alberta Alliance 203
Jim Silye, Progressive Conservative Party 204
Tom Sindlinger, Independent 205
Betty Unger, Progressive Conservative Party 206
David Usherwood, Progressive Conservative Party 207

Two political parties endorsed the nomination of candidates in this Senate Nominee Election. The Statement for the Alberta Alliance Party and a Letter of Representation from the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta were received by the Chief Electoral Officer by May 24, 2005.

The Statement and Letter follow:

Alberta Alliance Party 208
Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta 210

Financial Analysis….

2004 Senate Nominee Election Expenses

Election Officers $1,235,076.
Advertising 282,832.
Printing Services 104,542.
Systems Development 6,440.
Office Supplies 2,079.
Courier & Postage 1,599.
Legal Fees 1,344.
Hosting           332.

Cost efficiencies were achieved by holding the 2004 Senate Nominee Election in conjunction with the 2004 Provincial General Election. Both the 1998 and 1989 Senate Nominee Elections were conducted in conjunction with Municipal Elections. Comparable costs for the previous Senate Nominee Elections are stated below.

1998 1989
Department of Municipal Affairs $3,374,645. $2,581,408.
Department of Public Works, Supply & Services 0. 24,360.
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer     166,937.     209,108.
$3,541,582. $2,814,876.

Remarks of the Chief Electoral Officer….
The conduct of the first Senate Nominee Election in conjunction with a Provincial General Election was a welcome challenge.

On the surface, the task of conducting the two elections would appear to be straightforward. In reality, managing two parallel elections on one day is a complex undertaking. Appropriate resources, forms and training packages had to be created and distributed across the province. Election administrators had to be prepared to answer questions related to both events in a clear, concise manner. Election administrators also had the daunting task of counting ballots and reporting results for the two events. Adjustments were required to the Alberta Register of Electors System (AROES) to accommodate the differences between the two events, particularly in consolidating and displaying unofficial and official results.

The successful administration of the event is a tribute to the many individuals involved as Returning Officers, election officers, candidates, campaign workers and volunteers.

O. Brian Fjeldheim
Chief Electoral Officer
Summary of Results 1989 – 2004….

Summary of Results of Elections Under the Senatorial Selection Act
Monday, November 22, 2004

Candidate, Registered Political Party or Independent Votes Percentage
of Vote
*Cliff BREITKREUZ, Progressive Conservative Party 241,306 1.09
*Bert BROWN, Progressive Conservative Party 312,041 14.34
*Link BYFIELD, Independent 238,751 10.97
Vance GOUGH, Alberta Alliance 167,770 7.71
Gary HORAN, Alberta Alliance 156,175 7.18
Michael ROTH, Alberta Alliance 176,339 8.10
Jim SILYE, Progressive Conservative Party 217,857 10.01
Tom SINDLINGER, Independent 161,082 7.40
*Betty UNGER, Progressive Conservative Party 311,964 14.33
David USHERWOOD, Progressive Conservative Party 193,056 8.87
TOTAL 2,176,341
Note:  Conducted in conjunction with the Provincial General Election under the Election Act.
Due to rounding of the Percentage of Vote, the total may not equal 100%.

Monday, October 19, 1998

Candidate, Registered Political Party or Independent Votes Percentage
of Vote
*Bert BROWN, Reform Party of Alberta 332,766 37.32
Guy DESROSIERS, Independent 148,851 16.70
Vance GOUGH, Independent 135,840 15.24
*Ted MORTON, Reform Party of Alberta 274,126 30.75
TOTAL 891,583
Note:  Conducted in conjunction with Municipal Elections under the Local Authorities Election Act.
Due to rounding of the Percentage of Vote, the total may not equal 100%.

Monday, October 16, 1989

Candidate, Registered Political Party or Independent Votes Percentage
of Vote
Bert BROWN, Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta 127,638 20.53
Bill CODE, Alberta Liberal Party 139,809 22.49
Ken PAPROSKI, Independent 30,849 4.96
Tom SINDLINGER, Independent 25,491 4.10
Gladys TAYLOR, Independent 38,534 6.20
*Stan WATERS, Reform Party of Alberta 259,292 41.71
TOTAL 621,613
Note:  Conducted in conjunction with Municipal Elections under the Local Authorities Election Act.
Due to rounding of the Percentage of Vote, the total may not equal 100%.

List of Returning Officers….
Enumeration and General Election

Electoral Division Name Residence
01 Dunvegan-Central Peace Larry Chorney Fairview
02 Calgary-Bow Sylvia Langlois Calgary
03 Calgary-Buffalo Carol Potter Calgary
04 Calgary-Cross Wally Clarke Calgary
05 Calgary-Currie Sandra Penner Calgary
06 Calgary-East Le-Ann Lundgren Calgary
07 Calgary-Egmont Doreen Green Calgary
08 Calgary-Elbow Norma Gilbert Calgary
09 Calgary-Fish Creek Wendy Watson Calgary
10 Calgary-Foothills Maureen Sullivan Calgary
11 Calgary-Fort Sheila Cooper Calgary
12 Calgary-Glenmore Carol Kiernan Calgary
13 Calgary-Hays Tracy Cochrane Calgary
14 Calgary-Lougheed Margaret Tatham Calgary
15 Calgary-Mackay Barry Rupert Calgary
16 Calgary-McCall Shirley Barwise Calgary
17 Calgary-Montrose Lynn Warkentin Calgary
18 Calgary-Mountain View Margot Aftergood*
Lisa Scheffelmaier**
*Appointed for August/September 2004 Enumeration
**Appointed for November 22, 2004 Provincial General Election
19 Calgary-North Hill Belva Moodie Calgary
20 Calgary-North West Carleen Severs Calgary
21 Calgary-Nose Hill Nels Crowther Calgary
22 Calgary-Shaw Sandra Fedorchuk Calgary
23 Calgary-Varsity Mary Lou Robertson Calgary
24 Calgary-West Barry Whistlecraft Calgary
25 Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview Roger Poloway Edmonton
26 Edmonton-Calder Verna Acton Edmonton
27 Edmonton-Castle Downs Elizabeth Burk Edmonton
28 Edmonton-Centre Maureen Tetzlaff Edmonton
29 Edmonton-Decore William Maxim Edmonton
30 Edmonton-Ellerslie Dennis Seelochan Edmonton
31 Edmonton-Glenora Kathy Strawson Edmonton
32 Edmonton-Gold Bar Tom Forgrave Edmonton
33 Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood Dan Papirnik Edmonton
34 Edmonton-Manning Walter Ewoniak Edmonton
35 Edmonton-McClung Donald Clarke Edmonton
36 Edmonton-Meadowlark Donald McCallum Edmonton
37 Edmonton-Mill Creek Dennis Koroluk Edmonton
38 Edmonton-Mill Woods Jacqueline Elton Edmonton
39 Edmonton-Riverview Teresa Griffiths Edmonton
40 Edmonton-Rutherford Ried Zittlau Edmonton
41 Edmonton-Strathcona Leslie Silver Edmonton
42 Edmonton-Whitemud Bernard Zolner Edmonton
43 Airdrie-Chestermere Herbert Buchanan Airdrie
44 Athabasca-Redwater Joanne Hrycun Gibbons
45 Banff-Cochrane Susann Britton Canmore
46 Barrhead-Morinville-Westlock Clement Fagnan Westlock
47 Battle River-Wainwright Sue Frissell Wainwright
48 Bonnyville-Cold Lake Robert Engleder Cold Lake
49 Cardston-Taber-Warner Daryll Leavitt Cardston
50 Cypress-Medicine Hat Lyn Dillenbeck Foremost
51 Drayton Valley-Calmar Donna Palmer Drayton Valley
52 Drumheller-Stettler Keith Peers Drumheller
53 Foothills-Rocky View Pam Kondrat Airdrie
54 Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo Pauline Gauthier Fort McMurray
55 Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville Margaret Wade Fort Saskatchewan
56 Grande Prairie-Smoky Lana Fjellner Valleyview
57 Grande Prairie-Wapiti Betty Phillips-Simpson Grande Prairie
58 Highwood Kellie Cartwright High River
59 Innisfail-Sylvan Lake Kenneth Fulton Innisfail
60 Lac La Biche-St. Paul Linda Ference St. Paul
61 Lacombe-Ponoka Elsie Brewin Blackfalds
62 Leduc-Beaumont-Devon Cathy McGregor Beaumont
63 Lesser Slave Lake Kerrie Patrick High Prairie
64 Lethbridge-East Jan M. Okamura Lethbridge
65 Lethbridge-West Clifford Brown Lethbridge
66 Little Bow Delbert Olsen Vulcan
67 Livingstone-Macleod Carol Brown Pincher Creek
68 Medicine Hat Allan Bloomfield Medicine Hat
69 Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills Jim Allison Didsbury
70 Peace River Cheryl Anderson Peace River
71 Red Deer-North Bettylyn Baker Red Deer
72 Red Deer-South Noreen Stuart Red Deer
73 Rocky Mountain House Mervin Rockel Rocky Mountain House
74 Sherwood Park Marlene Martin Sherwood Park
75 Spruce Grove-Sturgeon-St. Albert Louise Kluthe Morinville
76 St. Albert Donna Parchewsky St. Albert
77 Stony Plain Sylvia Wood Spruce Grove
78 Strathcona Brenda Evans Sherwood Park
79 Strathmore-Brooks Dinah Hiebert Brooks
80 Vermilion-Lloydminster Borden Kaminsky Innisfree
81 West Yellowhead Betty Stitzenberger Edson
82 Wetaskiwin-Camrose Lila Bowtell Camrose
83 Whitecourt-Ste. Anne Judy Patterson Mayerthorpe

Tabulation of Official Results….
Click here to view the Tabulation of Official Results.
Statements of Official Results….

The following poll-by-poll results have been taken directly from the Statements of Official Results completed by Returning Officers in the 83 electoral divisions across the province.

Poll-by-poll results include the number of valid votes cast for each candidate, along with the number of valid, spoiled, declined and rejected ballots.

  • Valid ballots are those that are clearly marked for one, two, three or four candidates in accordance with Section 111 of the Election Act. A valid ballot may contain up to four valid votes.
  • Rejected ballots are those not counted because the elector’s intent was unclear, or because no candidates or more than four candidates were selected, or because readily identifying marks were added.
  • A spoiled ballot is one that was marked incorrectly by an elector, who then obtained a replacement ballot from the deputy returning officer. Spoiled ballots are not placed in the ballot box for counting.
  • A declined ballot is one that was returned by an elector, who chose not to vote for any candidate listed on the ballot.

Poll-by-poll results display the number of eligible electors, including all electors who were on the October 2004 List of Electors, those who were added during the Revisions Period, and those who were added by swearing-in on Polling Day. The percentage of voter turnout is calculated based on the total number of eligible electors at the close of polls on Polling Day.

Maps with additional detail are available in electronic format at this website.

Financial Statements….

01 Dunvegan-Central Peace View 02 Calgary-Bow View
03 Calgary-Buffalo View 04 Calgary-Cross View
05 Calgary-Currie View 06 Calgary-East View
07 Calgary-Egmont View 08 Calgary-Elbow View
09 Calgary-Fish Creek View 10 Calgary-Foothills View
11 Calgary-Fort View 12 Calgary-Glenmore View
13 Calgary-Hays View 14 Calgary-Lougheed View
15 Calgary-Mackay View 16 Calgary-McCall View
17 Calgary-Montrose View 18 Calgary-Mountain View View
19 Calgary-North Hill View 20 Calgary-North West View
21 Calgary-Nose Hill View 22 Calgary-Shaw View
23 Calgary-Varsity View 24 Calgary-West View
25 Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview View 26 Edmonton-Calder View
27 Edmonton-Castle Downs View 28 Edmonton-Centre View
29 Edmonton-Decore View 30 Edmonton-Ellerslie View
31 Edmonton-Glenora View 32 Edmonton-Gold Bar View
33 Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood View 34 Edmonton-Manning View
35 Edmonton-McClung View 36 Edmonton-Meadowlark View
37 Edmonton-Mill Creek View 38 Edmonton-Mill Woods View
39 Edmonton-Riverview View 40 Edmonton-Rutherford View
41 Edmonton-Strathcona View 42 Edmonton-Whitemud View
43 Airdrie-Chestermere View 44 Athabasca-Redwater View
45 Banff-Cochrane View 46 Barrhead-Morinville-Westlock View
47 Battle River-Wainwright View 48 Bonnyville-Cold Lake View
49 Cardston-Taber-Warner View 50 Cypress-Medicine Hat View
51 Drayton Valley-Calmar View 52 Drumheller-Stettler View
53 Foothills-Rocky View View 54 Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo View
55 Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville View 56 Grande Prairie-Smoky View
57 Grande Prairie-Wapiti View 58 Highwood View
59 Innisfail-Sylvan Lake View 60 Lac La Biche-St. Paul View
61 Lacombe-Ponoka View 62 Leduc-Beaumont-Devon View
63 Lesser Slave Lake View 64 Lethbridge-East View
65 Lethbridge-West View 66 Little Bow View
67 Livingstone-Macleod View 68 Medicine Hat View
69 Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills View 70 Peace River View
71 Red Deer-North View 72 Red Deer-South View
73 Rocky Mountain House View 74 Sherwood Park View
75 Spruce Grove-Sturgeon-St. Albert View 76 St. Albert View
77 Stony Plain View 78 Strathcona View
79 Strathmore-Brooks View 80 Vermilion-Lloydminster View
81 West Yellowhead View 82 Wetaskiwin-Camrose View
83 Whitecourt-Ste. Anne View